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Terms and conditions

1. General

1.1     These terms and conditions are applicable to all products of Bartableshop. The terms are accessible to anyone and can be found on the internet website of Bartableshop.

1.2     By placing an order you give to understand that you agree to our delivery and payment conditions. Bartableshop keeps the right to change delivery- and/or payment conditions after the duration has ended.

1.3     Unless there is a different agreement the general or specific terms or clauses from third parties will not be aknowledged by Bartableshop.

1.4     Bartableshop guarantees that the delivered products BENATWOORD to the agreement and meets the in the offer mentioned specifications.

2. Delivery

2.1     Delivery takes place as long as stock allows.

2.2     Concerning the rules of purchase on shopping for products Bartableshop will execute the orders at least within 30 days. If this is not possible (because the ordered product is not on stock or is no longer available), or there is a delay because of other reasons, or an order can only be partially executed, the consumer will receive a message within 1 month after placing the order and in that case has the right to cancel the order without costs and notice of default.

2.3     The delivery conditions of Bartableshop will, subject to proof, be completed as soon as the by Bartableshop delivered affairs have been  offered  to the customer one time. By delivery at home the report of the shipping-agent, alleging refusal of acceptance, will work as complete proof as offer to delivery.

2.4     All the on the internetsites placed periods are indicational. Therefore the placed periods are not legally binding.

3. Pricing

3.1      Prices will not be raised for the duration of special offers, unless legal measures make this neccesary or the manufacturer runs by an interim price increase.

3.2      All prices on the site are subject to misprints. For the consequences of misprints no liability is accepted.

3.3      All prices on the site are in Euros.

4. Approval period/ right of withdrawal

4.1   If there is a consumerpurchase, in accordance with the Law of Dinstace selling, the customer has the right to return (part of) the delivered goods within a period of 7 workdays without giving reason. This period begins on the moment the ordered goods have been delivered. If the customer, after expiry of this period, has not sent back the purchased goods to Bartableshop, the purchase is a fact. The customer is expected, before commencing return, to make written notice to Bartableshop within 7 days after delivery. The customer needs to prove that the delivered products have been returned in time, for example, by means of proof of postal delivery. The goods need to be returned in original packaging (including accesories and associated documentation) and be in new condition. In case the goods have been used by the customer, encumbered or have been damaged, the right of dissolve is lost within the meaning of this paragraph. With regards to what has been stipulated in the preceding sentence, Bartableshop will contributes and ensures that within 30 days after good delivery of the return, the full purchase price including the calculated delivery cost will be returned to the customer. The return of the delivered goods is the sole responsibility of the customer.

4.2     The right of rescission, as described in the previous paragraph, only holds relation to the delivered goods and shall in no case relate to services, like phone subscriptions of the by Bartableshop  offered (mobile) network operators. On the last named service, where Bartableshop only functions as middleman, the general terms and conditions of the used network operators will apply.

4.3      The  right of withdrawal does not apply for : • services where execution, with consent of the consumer, started before the period of seven workdays;
• Goods or services of which the price is subject to  fluctuations on the financial market, where the supplier has no influence on;
• Goods that are crafted according to consumer specifications, for example custom work, or that have a clear genuine personal character for goods and services whom  by their nature can not be returned, for example in connection with hygiene or that can quickly spoil or age;
• audio- and video recordings which have a broken seal caused by the customer;
• the delivery of newspapers and magazines; for the services of betting and lotteries.

5. Data management

5.1     In case you place an order at Bartableshop, your data will be included in the customer file of Bartableshop. Bartableshop adheres to the Data Protection Act and will not provide your information to third parties.  See our Privacy Policy.

5.2      Bartableshop respects the privacy of the users of the internetwebsite and takes responsibility in a confidential treatment of your personal data.

6. Warranty

6.1      Bartableshop guarantees that the by her delivered products meet the requirement of usability, reliability and life expectancy who were reasonably stated by parties in the purchase agreement, and therefore is responsible for the factory warranty of the product delivered to you.

6.2      The warranty of Bartableshop corresponds to the factory warranty. Bartableshop is however, never responsible for the ultimate suitability of the  goods for each individual application by the consumer, nor for any advices with respect to the use or the application of the goods.

6.3      The consumer  is obliged to verify the delivered goods immediatly on delivery. If it seems that the delivered goods are wrong, unsound or incomplete, the consumer (before sending back to Bartableshop) must report these defects in writing to Bartableshop. Any defects or wrongly delivered goods should and can be reported in writing to Bartableshop within no later then 2 months. Return of the goods must be made in the orginal package (including accesories and associated documentation) and must be in new state. Usage after detection of failure, damage occurring after detection of failure, encumbrance and/or sale after detection of failure, dissolves the right to return completely.

6.4      If complaints of the customer by Bartableshop seem well-founded, Bartableshop will send or replace the delivered goods for free or will engage in a written agreement with the customer to create a compensation arrangement,  provided that the liability of Bartableshop and therefore the amount of compensation that is limited according and no higher then the invoice amount of the concerning goods, be it (at the choice of Bartableshop) to the maximum in the relevant case by the liability of Bartableshop amount covered. Every liability of Bartableshop for any other form of damage is ruled out, including additional compensation in which any form, compensation from indirect damage or consequential damage or damage for lost profits.

6.5      Bartablshop is not liable for damage caused intentionally or equivalent recklessness of non-managerial staff.

6.6      The warranty does not apply if :

A) and until the customer is in default against Bartableshop ;

B) the customer repaired the delivered and/or modified goods himself and/or had it repaired or modified by a third party.

C) the delivered goods have been exposed to abormal conditions or otherwise have been improperly treated or have been used in contrary to the instructions of Bartableshop and/or user manual on the package.

D) the defective whole or in part the result of regulations that the governement has made or shall make with regard to the nature of the quality of the materials applied.

7. Deals

7.1      Offers are not binding, unless otherwise stated in the offer.

7.2      Upon acceptance of a non binding offer by the buyer, Bartableshop reserves the right for the deal within the term of 3 work days after receipt of that offer to revoke or deviate it.

7.3      Verbal agreements bind Bartableshop only after they have been explicitly and in writing have been confirmed.

7.4      Deals of Bartableshop  do not automatically apply to repeat orders.

7.5      Bartableshop can not be held to her deals if the customer had to understand that the deal, or part of that, contained a temporary  mistake or error.

7.6      Additions, changes and/or further agreements are only applicable, if agreed in writing.

8.  Agreement

8.1      An agreement between Bartableshop and a customer is formed after an order is reviewed on feasibility by Bartableshop.

8.2      Bartableshop reserves the right tonot accept or only to accept orders or commands without  a given reason under the condition that the shipment is under reimbursement or prepayment.

 9. Images and Specifications

9.1      Every image ; photos, drawings etc. ; i.a. data concerning weights, measures, colours, images of labels, etc. on the internetsite of Bartableshop are only approximate, are indicative and can not lead to compensation or termination of the agreement.
10. Force majeure

10.1      Bartableshop is not responsible, in and insofar as its commitments can not be fulfilled due to force majeure.

10.2      Force majeure means any strange reason, and any circumstance, which in all fairness she can not be held responsible for. Delay or failure by our suppliers, disturbances on the Internet, disturbances in electricity, disturbances in the force, disturbances in e-mail traffic and disturbances or changes by third party deliverd technology, transportation, strikes, governement measures, delay in supply, omission of suppliers and/or manufacturers of Bartableshop as well as from persons, staff illness, defects in appliance- or shipment tools explicitely count as force majeure.

10.3      In case of force majeure, Bartableshop reserves the right its obligations to suspend and is also entitled to completely or partially terminate the agreemend, or else to claim that the content of the agreement is amended that execution stays possible. In no case is Bartableshop obliged to pay any penalty or compensation.

10.4      If Bartableshop  upon entering the force majeure has partially seen to its obligations, or only can see to a part of its obligations  is it entitled to invoice the already delivered or the deliverable part seperately and is the customer held to this invoice if it were a seperate contract. However, this does not apply if the already delivered or deliverable part does’nt have a independent value.

11. Responsibility

11.1      Bartableshop is not liable for damage caused to verhicles or other objects caused by improper use of the products. Read the operating instructions before use and/or consult or website.

12. Retention

12.1      Property of all the by Bartableshop sold to the customer and delivered goods stays with Bartableshop as long as the customer has not yet complied the claims of Bartableshop and/or under the agreement of previous subsequent similar agreements and as long as the customer has not yet met the claims of Bartableshop due to shortcomings in the performance of such obligations, including claims in respect of fines, interests and costs.

12.2      The by Bartableshop delivered goods which fall under the retention may only be in sold the context of  normal operations and can never be sold  and never be used as currency.

12.3      The customer is not allowed to pawn the under the retention falling goods or otherwise be objected.

12.4      The customer gives unconditional and irrevocable permission to Bartableshop or a by Bartableshop appointed third party to, in all cases where Bartableshop wants to use its property, to enter all places where its property at that moment is and allow for those goods to be collected.

12.5      Incase of third parties seizing products under retention or want rights to establish or assert them, the customer is required to inform Bartableshop as soon as is reasonably possible.

12.6       The customer is obligated to insure and keep insurance on  the under retention falling goods against fire hazard, explosion- and water damage and theft and make the insurance policy available for inspection to Bartableshop on first request.

13. Applicable law

13.1      All agreements are subject to Dutch law.

13.2      Disputes resulting from an agreement between buyer and Bartableshop, which can not be sold in concert, will be heard by the competent court  within the district Lierop, unless Bartableshop prefers to indicate to submit to the competent court of the residence of the buyer, and expect for those disputes that fall under the jurisdiction of a magistrate.