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It is important that visitors have access to all the information without any obstacles. Because of that reason the site has been equipped to provide clear navigation that quickly leads you to the right information with clear, defined texts.

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It may be possible that while reading the information on our website  you will have problems with font size. If this is the case, you can easily change the font size. Because every browser is different, you will find clear clear instructions about how to change it on your browser. Click on your choice and follow the instructions.

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Bartableshop thinks it’s important that the information on our website is clear for everyone. And that you can operate our website with ease. There are some settings on your computer that you can change yourself.

Our website is developed with modern internet technologies and works best with the following combination of operating systems and browsers :
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Some older and alternative operating systems and browsers do not display Bartableshop as good as possible. Also, certain functions do not work with these operating systems and browsers. We advice you to use a combination as stated above.

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Browsers are often subject to change and get implented with more and better security techniques. That is why you should often check if you are running the newest version of your browser. Consult the ‘Help’ function of your browser to check the version you currently have.

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